Q.C.Steel narrowly watches the evolutions in the field of metallic and concrete constructions and
adapts to the needs of the market by continuously updating its technological equipment.

Its basic mechanical equipment is:

  • CNC line of cutting and drilling sheet metals presenting a potential of elaboration up to 130 mm in thickness.
  • CNC line of cutting and drilling posts with a potential to elaborate any type of posts up to 15 m in length.
  • CNC line of pantograph using oxygen to cut.
  • CNC cutting line with the use of plasma.
  • Forming and drilling line using a punch for angles
  • Welding machines of shear studs
  • Machine ARC Welding decommissioning.
  • Welding machines MIG – MAG.
  • Machines creating threads.
  • Hydraulic snips.
  • Hydraulic bending
  • Threading machines
  • Painting unit.
  • Devices of quality control (ultrasonic).