Quality Control

In a period when severe competition has led to constructions of medium quality, our company’s target is to offer excellent quality products and to meet its clients’ demands.

The stages of quality control start with the design of the construction follow the productive procedure and end up
to the final product.

The methods of quality control constitute standard and controlled procedures described in the system of
quality administration, some of which are the following:

  • Welding control by the use of Ultrasonic devices.
  • Control of the quality of the steel based on certificates from the authorized suppliers.
  • Control of the thickness of paint by the use of  ontemporary electronic instruments.
  • Dimensional control at 100 % of the construction.

Both for us and for our clients, quality is the primary aim and at the same time constitutes the main reason of
the enormous success that our company enjoys in the field of its activation.

Constructions in all phases of treatment (cutting, drilling, welding, paint protection of the surface) keep to the code ΕΝ 1090-1 which is used on an international level.