In a period when severe competition has led to constructions of an average quality, the company’s target to offer
excellent quality products in a way which is appropriate to the company’s
expectations and to its clients’ demands.

Therefore we know what we provide, and we do meet customer’s needs and we use the best materials in our services

Q.C.Steel is specialized in the construction and erection for:


  • Composite Constructions
  • Metallic constructions
  • Multistory buildings
  • Houses / Apartments
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Sports Centers
  • Storehouses
  • Super Markets
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Industrial Metallic Shelves
  • Health interest buildings
  • Frozen Distribution centers
  • Exhibition Centers
  • Tracking systems for solar energy
  • Metallic Bridges
  • Hotel Units


In the last years, Q.C.Steel has emphasized in
the fabrication of tracking systems for solar energy and in the construction of
solar parks.

The company is in continuous touch
with the client before, but also after the completion of the project, proposing
ideas and solutions for the best and most appropriate function and use of the

Major changes that can be observed in
the last decades in all the fields of human life were likely to considerably
influence the construction activity as well.

New technologies, new methods of
design, new ways of construction, new materials, new regulations are only some
of the characteristics of the new age.

One of the evolutions of the last
decades has been the development of composite constructions, made of steel and
concrete. In these constructions two of the most popular materials, steel and
reinforced concrete, are combined in the best way so as to erect secure,
functional, time resistant and economical constructions. The use of composite
constructions is very common in most of the developed countries in the world.